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Colorcer® S

enamel stains

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The stains in this range must fulfill specific requirements relating to the vitreous frit used. It is of utmost importance to choose the correct frit in accordance with the pigment’s crystalline structure;

Particularly for the structures of Cd/Se stains, transparent frits are required for the color to develop and intensify. As it is impossible to adequately describe all the frits, we advise the user to trial test the stains in their own environment.
COLORCER ® S stains are generally suitable to be mixed together in all percentages, except for the pinks and those containing Manganese.
The stability and firing cycle of COLORCER ® S stains in the vitreous glazes is highly dependent on the composition of the frit. Generally a temperature between 800-840°C and duration of 2 to 5 minutes is suitable.