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Colorcer® S


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The pigments in the COLORCER® S series are created through the synthesis of metal oxides, and are defined by their high resistance, purity and stability in coloration. The products are tested in accordance with strict quality standards.

These tests are performed according to methods that have been carefully developed and researched with reference to the final applications of the product: glazes with different (transparent and matt) characteristics, methods of application, and firing cycles. Results are checked by comparison with standard products and by measuring the colorimetric values using the CIELAB* L,a,b system, with a total determination of ∆E max 1.0.

The uniformity of the stain particles’ granulometry, an intrinsic characteristic of the stability and quality of the color tone of the pigment itself, is measured by a CILAS laser granulometer. 

The range of stains in the COLORCER® S series enables the creation of specific glazes for all types of production. Detailed information on each product can be found in the technical specifications and on the safety data sheets. The COLORITALIA® customer service staff is available to answer any questions and to suggest how to achieve the best results using our products.